39: Guest host Taylor Leonhardt


Episode 39 welcomes guest host singer/songwriter TAYLOR LEONHARDT! We discuss her love for Drew Barrymore, growing up in a water park, church lock-ins, John Mayer, early influences of Patsy Cline and Patty Griffin, what makes a good dance party, her influences on the new album RIVER HOUSE and more!

Find TAYLOR LEONHARDT on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @TaylorLeon
Grab her new album RIVER HOUSE on iTunes HERE

36: John Hughes

Nick is flying solo on episode 36 to discuss the life, films, and impact, of filmmaker JOHN HUGHES!  Plus, it's the one year anniversary of the podcast!  Also Nick talks about getting busted trespassing on a very famous property, watching E.T. for the first time (recently), and listener feedback!

Discussed in this episode:
-Molly Ringwald on This American Life
-You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried book on Amazon

33: Documentaries / Jim Henson w/ Stacy Lantz

Episode 33 welcomes STACY LANTZ in the co-host seat! She talks about a few of her favorite documentaries, while Nick talks about the life, work, and legacy of JIM HENSON.  Plus the ups and downs of being an indie artist, how Doris Day changed Stacy's life, reminiscing about Rescue 911, Unsolved Mysteries, and more!

Documentaries mentioned on this episode:

The Elephant In The Living Room
Moving Midway
Bill Cunningham New York
Vivan Maier
Music and Memory
Young At Heart
Brother's Keeper

- Jim Henson's Memorial Service on YouTube
- Jim Henson PBS documentary on YouTube
- Sesame Street book on Amazon

29: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind / Tombstone w/ Megan Whitmer

Guest co-host MEGAN WHITMER joins Nick to talk about her favorite movie TOMBSTONE, and Nick geeks out over ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND!  Plus celebrity encounter stories, Wisconsin's weird name for water fountains, dancing T-Rex's and more!

ETERNAL SUNSHINE soundtrack on iTunes

TOMBSTONE on Amazon.com

MEGAN WHITMER on Twitter, Facebook, Official Site MEGAN'S book BETWEEN on Amazon.com

MEGAN WHITMER on Twitter, Facebook, Official Site
MEGAN'S book BETWEEN on Amazon.com

28: The Road Back To You / Kacey Musgraves w/ Natalie Schlabs

Guest co-host NATALIE SCHLABS joins us this episode to talk the enneagram book THE ROAD BACK TO YOU, and Nick talks about his love for KACEY MUSGRAVES, plus social media pet peeves, listening to CDs in the car again, listener feedback, and more!

(Get Natalie Schlabs' music on iTunes, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!)

The Road Back To You: Official Site Book on Amazon Podcast
Kacey Musgraves: Albums on iTunes KM on Twitter KM on Facebook

Kacey Musgraves:
Albums on iTunes
KM on Twitter
KM on Facebook

26: Washington Phillips / Inside Llewyn Davis w/ Arthur Alligood

Episode 26 welcomes guest host, singer-songwriter Arthur Alligood!  Arthur talks about the fascinating life and music of WASHINGTON PHILLIPS and Nick geeks out on the Coen Brothers' 2013 film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.  Plus, they chat about their joint disdain for allergies, people who hate PB&J, Arthur's early entry into "geekdom" and more!

Washington Phillips and his Manzarene Dreams on Amazon

-Inside Llewyn Davis on Amazon
-Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack on iTunes
-All songs from today's episode on the ATF podcast Spotify playlist

25: Fountains Of Wayne (Mini-Episode)

It's another mini-episode where Nick talks about the powerpop band FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE! Plus an announcement about the future of the podcast, Nick talks about being patient with kickstarter campaigns, the Netflix show LOVE, his current favorite podcasts, and more!

Fountains Of Wayne official site
Fountains Of Wayne on iTunes
Listen to the songs featured on today's show on the ATF podcast Spotify playlist

Also mentioned on this episode:
Trailer for LOVE on Netflix
Missing Richard Simmons podcast
My Favorite Murder podcast

Episode 21: Films of 2016 with guest Jeff Huston(PARTs ONE&Two)

Nick and guest host (film critic) Jeff Huston breakdown their favorite films of 2016 in two parts. Plus, Oscar talk, listener feedback, and more!

(Read and Subscribe to Jeff Huston's film site HERE and listen to Jeff on the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle podcast HERE!)





Jeff Huston's Top 10 of 2016
10. Loving
9. Hell Or High Water
8. Moonlight
7. Manchester By The Sea
6. Arrival
5. Swiss Army Man
4. La La Land
3. OJ: Made In America
2. Jackie
1. Silence

Nick Flora's Top 10 of 2016
10. Hail, Caesar!
9. Hell Or High Water
8. Lion
7. Don't Think Twice
6. Edge Of Seventeen
5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
4. Arrival
3. Captain Fantastic
2. Sing Street
1. La La Land

Don't forget to read and subscribe to Jeff Huston's film site HERE and listen to Jeff on the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle podcast HERE!

Episode 18: Tree Of Life / David Gray's "Life In Slow Motion"

It's our first episode of 2017!  Right off the bat Allie shares some exciting news that proves she's been more productive the year than any of us, we discuss ways to bring you out of a funk, Nick's topic is Terrence Malick's 2011 film THE THREE OF LIFE, and Allie discusses David Gray's album "Life In Slow Motion" and much more!

- The Tree Of Life on Amazon
- The Tree Of Life Trailer on YouTube

- David Grays' Life In Slow Motion on iTunes